Before marriage, out of 36 qualities should be met, only then will there be a happy life

Hinduism is not only a religion but also a civilization with many different traditions and practices. One of the most essential parts of Hindu marriages is the practice of kundali matching. Hindu marriages follow the tradition of pairing the bride and groom’s kundalis.

People nowadays prefer to do kundali matching online because of the world’s digitalization. The compatibility between the partners is shown through kundali matching. The kundali foretells the couple’s future and assists them in making life plans. It also identifies any potential snags or roadblocks on the couple’s route. The kundali aids in the discovery of nivaran, or a remedy for the dosh in question. The 36 Gunas are an important feature of kundali matching. The matching of the gunas demonstrates the percentage of compatibility that the couple will have.

Kundali matching, also known as Guna Milan, is the first step in determining marriage compatibility. Guna Milan takes place according to the detailed guidelines laid down in the Vedic practice’s astrological instructions. Guna Milan aids in determining the security and also long-term viability of the bond between the bride and also the bridegroom who is excitedly anticipating their wedding. According to the Bible, there are 36 Gunas to contrast.

If you’re planning a conventional wedding, consult an astrologer to get your kundali matched and the compatibility percentage shared between you and your mate calculated. If you’ve ever wondered what the 36 guns of marriage are, then this article is for you. So, below is a list of the 36 Gunas that must be present in kundali matching.

Asthakoot Process

Asthakoot Process

The ashtakoot method is used to check the bride and groom’s compatibility. The ashtakoot dosha and ashtakoot Parihar are discussed in this future teller tool. Always consult an astrologer for Kundli Milan to determine their gun and finest horoscope match in India. Gun Milan is claimed to be able to foretell the future of married couples. It can foresee incompatibility and potential disputes between husband and wife in the future.

Gun Milan is an astrological method for determining marriage compatibility. There are two methods for doing this: kundali matching by name and gun Milan by date of birth. Love marriage forecast is also known as Guna Milan.

Enlisting 36 Guna in Hindu Marriage

Nadi (8 points)

The nakshatra is the basis for the Nadi guna. It is made up of 21 nakshatras separated into three groups: antya, Madhya, and Adhya. The nakshatra match reveals the couple’s physical compatibility as well as their capacity to start a family. Couples with the same Nadi are supposed to have issues in their marriage.


The Bhakut examines the well-being of the family and financial prosperity following marriage. It has a maximum score of 7. Love and closeness are determined by Bhakoot. Bhakoot contests should be avoided at all costs.

Gan (6 points)

According to Hindu Shastra, each person is divided into three ganas: Devta, Rakshas, and Manav. The game to which a person belongs is reflected in their nature. Introverts and believers in modest living, for example, belong to the Devta Gana, whereas persons with an aggressive disposition belong to the Raksha Gana. As per online kundali matching, the best match is between the couple’s identical gana.

Maitri (5 points)

The planetary compatibility of the moon sign, known as the Rashi, is the basis for this gunas. This gunas represents the couple’s friendly bond, which is based on their similar interests, likes, and dislikes.

Tara (5 Points)

Taara is a nakshatra that determines the fate of one’s fortunes. It is a significant guna with three points. The interrelationships of the Janam nakshatra are considered in this guna.

Yoni (4 points)

Yoni determines the couple’s sexual compatibility, which is one of the most essential factors of marriage compatibility. It has a maximum of four points and a minimum of zero. It is represented by the names of several animals, each of which has been given a point value.

Varna (1 Point)

Varna indicates the bride and groom’s spiritual compatibility. It concentrates on both of their egos and thus ensures that there will be less friction between them after they marry.

Vasya (2 points)

This characteristic defines a husband’s level of power over his wife. In simple terms, it predicts who will be the more dominating and strong partner in the relationship. This test will reveal to the astrologer who will be the dominant partner between the two. According to their aggression level, which is seen in the horoscope, natives are categorized as Manav, Vanchar, Chatuspad, Jalachar, and Keet.

The essential requirements for compatibility

A minimum of 18 Gunas must match for the marriage to be accepted. The psychological compatibility, Mangalik dosh, the resilience of the suggested relationship, the propensities that are opposed to each other, the mediocrity of their perspective and technique, youngsters, general wellness, sex-related compatibility, and others are some of the most crucial elements covered under these 18 Gunas.


There must be at least 18 Guna suites between the new bride and the bridegroom’s horoscopes for a marriage to be accepted. The suggested suit is not approved if the matching Gunas are substantially fewer than 18. If 18 to 25 Gunas are compatible, it is considered a good match. When 26 to 32 Gunas suit, it is the best suit. In extremely rare circumstances, more than 32 Gunas may match between the new bride and the bridegroom, indicating that the marriage is ideal and that the level of compatibility between the new bride and the bridegroom is highest and best in such cases.

Final Verdict

Ashtakoot Guna Milan is the cornerstone of a couple’s compatibility before they marry. It’s a common practice in many parts of the world, but it’s most popular in North India. Marriage should be a holy link between two independent souls who unite as one based on the Gunas’ score and power. As a result, the bride and groom will learn how their stars can affect their married life and what steps to take to overcome any barriers through the Kundli Matching procedure.

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