Saintly Sinner by Nanak Singh

Saintly Sinner by Nanak Singh

This novel talks about the narrative of a young person Kedar who through life’s harsh plays, ends up impacting and affecting on the world and happiness of Panna Lal and his family. This book is harmonized in 1930’s Punjab, before partition time and was at first written in the Punjabi Language. Navdeep Suri has glossed this Indian classic artfully, preserving the unhappiness and poetry that waves through this exceptionally awesome work.

The writer, Nanak Singh has been outlines as the parent of the Punjabi Novel. It’s a tale of Kedar who works for the vindication of a sin for which he discover himself guilty. During this procedure, he absorbs in love with a chick but doesn’t get married due to his guilty moral sense.

Saintly Sinner by Nanak Singh

Panna Lal, a human deep in financial liability and having a family to cover pen up to Kedar accusing him of taking away his source of income and depart from the city. Kedar though pretty innocent is fill up with guilt for the same. He works honestly as a Watchmaker and handles his employer’s shop making him huge benefits with his efficiency and hard work, and determined to shoulder Panna Lal’s family in their struggle timeline. Through this pathway, Kedar bloom love, fondness for Panna Lal’s family and get into love with his daughter Veena. He is taking care of the family through the marriage and afterwards as well. After which he decided to wash away Veena’s memories and to begin fresh.
Though Kedar and Veena are meant to be together but destiny doesn’t bind. The novel is a story for suffering, the honest manner of keeping one’s word and pure care, love. If only individuals lived as unselfish way as the strength of this novel the universe would be something beyond beautiful, something else today.

The second most significant character in this novel is Veena, the teenage daughter of Panna lal, who has taken a center spot line in the heart of the young person, and who influences the reader with her sweet yet elegant grace, is a beauty everyone would applaud for. The way her sobs, and her dilemma and her feelings have been penned down in the book, you almost feel like getting into the plot and touching her shoulder to ease out her pain. A young girl of almost 15 who till a few time ago was cute way playing in the rosy imagination of a dream world marriage, discover herself in a tearful circumstance where she came to know that the Man she is taking care of as a big brother, homes emotions for her, and ready to die for her.

The tale is gripping from the initial phase, and not a single word is misused carrying the unwanted decoration other emo-writers would’ve devoted upon. Its smooth, its easy, its plain. Its words are not massive, and the lines are exactly the plain lines you’d have thought had you been in the persona place. The writer has narrated it so gracefully you’ll not identify a single error in the sweet storyline.

It was my initial Punjabi novel. For the starter its very nice pretty novel to generate habit of reading. Nanak singh did great job. You will feel like related with each character of novel. Heart touching narrative.

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