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Satsaṅg, in Sikhism, the assembly of true believers, a practice that dates back to the foremost Gurū of the religion, Nānak. While not unique to Sikhism, the convention of gather together and singing the Gurū compositions was understood in peculiar Sikh terms, at foremost as a sign of loyalty to the Gurū and the community that form around him and later as a means of participating in the power of the divine Word that emerged from the hymns and songs of the Gurūs. Such gatherings taking place in a gurdwārās (Sikh places of worship)or dharamsalas, are opening to women and men of all castes, and permit all assembled to share in the merit of Gurū and the divine word.

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In Sikhism, awesome emphasis is laid on Satsang. By joining congregational prayers and make contact with saints the devotee coming to lovely knowledge. The motivation had given by awesome people leading to the development of a spiritual personality. Holy people preaching purity through personal example and kindle the heart with the universal love. They warn the individual of five great vices. Psychologically, the association with holy men support as a deterrent against evil deeds and thoughts. Just as a tree which progress near a sandalwood tree acquires the sandal fragrance, just as a metal when touched with the philospher’s stone is pass on into gold so in the similar manner, an ordinary man becomes heroic and dignifyed in the company of holy men. In the company of The Truthful, a devotee was learning the value of The Truth.

Joining the company of saints, is also conductively to the discipline of the mind. One grasps how to serve the community and working for the good of humanity. One obtained the technique of “The Name” and so comes to joy inner tranquility. As per to Guru Nanak, The saints company is also the school of the Guru, where one grasps Godly attributes. There evil is destroyed and purged, as if by a divine spark. Guru Arjan says, The society of saints removing sin; the society of saints brings comforts in this nation and the next.

Again and again, in the Guru Granth Sahib, a Sikh is needed to seek the company of noble souls. A man is known by the closeness he keeps. In good friendship, he becomes good and sheds his evil tendency. He will grasp to be ashamed of doing anything which might bring him reproach.

Man’s actions are so often inspired by the herd instinct. He does some things as a matter of social convention, if his society becomes an instrument of his growth, he can rise to good heights. For this reasoning, the Sikh in his general prayer – the Ardas – seeks the house of the holy and to connect virtuous men – Sadh Ka sung, Gurmukh da mel.

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Sangat is a Sikh term with its origin in the Sanskrit word Sangh, generally referred to the collective body of Sikhs or companions who are the members of a congregation. Sangat might also denote fellowship, the gathering of spiritual companions in the assembly with connectivity of like minded souls, essentially the friendship one keeps. It is the community of humans who meet and worshipping in the gurdwara in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, which is Sikh holy book. The Sangat sings hymns together (Kirtan), meditating on Almighty name (Nam Japna) and listenening to musicians (Ragis).

Sangat is sometimes analogous to Fellowship of the seekers of truth or to say Sat-Sangat and Sadh-Sangat. The word Sangat has been in utilization since the timing of Guru Nanak (1469-1539). In his days and those of his nine successors, Sangat refer to the Sikh brotherhood set up in or belongs to a particular locality. In Sikhism there is a good push for one to be a chunk of the Sangat as well as to ignore Ku-Sangat (Undesirable Sangat). 

In Sikhism, the moral traits of Sangat are very significant and are mentioned in both Guru Granth Sahib scripture and the code of conduct. The Sikh Gurus was formulating a social code which ban association with the undesirable society of daughter killers, thieves, drunkards, gamblers, tobacco smokers, thugs. Breach of conduct or Willful engagement in immoral activities might subject the perpetrator to boycott, or shunning and excommunication. The Gurus had written scripture extolling the virtues of pious sangat:

Meet with Saintly society one faces toward the enlightener as though makes pilgrimage to the sacred shrine.” 1st Guru Nanak Dev

Only those whom the Almighty imbues are so imbued, they joined the True Congregation.

From the perfect Enlightener, the guild of saintly companions emanates, and one easy way embraces Love of the True One’s glory.”

Without the association of righteous society, all remaining like beastly animals.

They understand not the One who developed them; without the Name, they are all thieves.” 3rd Guru Amar Das

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