Baba Atal Rai

He was born in 1619 AD at Amritsar to Guru Hargobind sahib, Mata Mahadevi, daughter of Bhai Daya Ram Marwah of Mandela and the sixth Sikh Guru. From an earlier age, Baba Atal Rai was a deeply religious, intelligent, and lively boy. He was denoted as ‘Baba’ as he carried a wise head over his pretty young shoulders. (Here Baba signify, wise old man).

Baba Atal Rai used to play every eve with his companions and talk to them about numerous wise things. Whatever he said, even in witticism, had some great deep humane meaning. All his playmates obeyed, loved, and respected him. Guru Hargobind was uniquely fond of him. Baba Atal Rai utilized to take him in his lap, cuddle him and say, “Almighty has given you great power. Do not make a show of it. If you have to utilize it, use it with wisdom and caution. Don’t waste it away on tiny matters. He used to say in response, O True King, all the potential that I possess I have acquired from you. Your storehouse can not be empty. Therefore, I might utilize it to my heart’s content. It would never be used up.

Bibi Kaulan, Lahore’s Qazi daughter had been a committed enthusiast of Guru Har Gobind Sahib. Kausar (Pool) was constructed by sahib in her recollection. She was very keen on Baba Rai who respond in kind with her affection. Baba Rai along with his agemates used to play under the Thali, Kikar shady trees, etc on the Kaulsar bank. Being active and bold, Baba Rai was the playmate’s captain.

One of Baba Rai’s agemates was Mohan, who was about a similar age as Atal. One day they played on until the moon night fell. At the game end, it was Baba rai spin to play with the bat and Mohan’s to pick up and throw the ball. It was unitedly agreed that Baba rai would have his turn the next early sunshine, and they returned sweet home. That night, Mohan got up from his home bed to respond to the call of nature. It was pretty dark. As fate would have it, he trip over on a cobra and was grip by it. He screamed in pain. His weep awoke his family people. They hurry to him and discovered him fainting. They dispatch for an hakim (homeopathic doc), but the cobra’s poison had completed its work. And thus Baba rai boon companion died of the animal bite.


Next sunshine, all the boys hold out to the playground, except Mohan. Baba Rai investigate Mohan. One of his companions replied in witticism that Mohan would not come out of fright for it was his spin to pitch the ball. Baba Atal went direct to Mohan’s house. Baba Rai found Mohan’s family people and others in deep grief. When told that Mohan was no more, Baba Rai said, No, Mohan cannot be dead. Mohan is pretending to be like this way. Mohan does not desire to give me my spin with the bat. I would make him get up. Saying this, Baba Rai moves to Mohan’s room. Baba Rai touched Mohan with his bat and said, “Mohan, get up and say out loud Satnam Waheguru. Open up your closed eyes. You must not be so late to rise from home bed. I should have my spin with the bat.

Upon this, he got up as if from sleep. Mohan had been dead for a few hours. Naturally, his family people were filled with excitement and joy. Baba Rai and Mohan began and went out to play.
The prince among the ocean of Repose and martyrs, Guru Arjun Dev wrote in his Sukhmani thus:

Almighty restores the dead to a lifeline, He feeds the hungry

The Mohan’s revival news spread such as a wildfire. Guru Hargobind Sahib did catch up about what his son Atal had done. His father was not at all happy. His father said, “It has become a second nature with rai to dissipate and display his spiritual power. Atal has not acted wisely and well. Now, whenever anyone might die, his family and loved ones will bring that person to our door. Whose dead son will we bring back to life chain and whose son will we permit to remain silent? We should obey Almighty will. We must not try to undo what Lord has created.

When Rai return home, the father said to him with a stern touch, “I teach men to respect Lord will. But you act against Almighty will. Your Guru Arjan Dev (grandfather) plays up to suffering at the altar of his belief. Despite being tortured, he kept quiet, and calm and kept thinking of Almighty. He kept saying:

Thy will is ever so sweet to me

His father Hargobind Sahib refresh someone’s memory of young Rai that two of a craft seldom agreed and kept silent after that. Baba Rai said, “O True King, may you live for lifelong. I think that I must go back to our true household.

So saying, Baba Rai went away. Baba Rai had taken his bath in the blessed Sarovar, took four rounds of the holy Harimandir Sahib, and went to the closeby lake (Kaulsar Sarovar) – his best-loved haunt. Baba Rai sat near its bank. Bending his head forward, Baba Rai supported his chin with his bat. With his eyes fixed on the sacred shrine, Baba Rai recited Japji Sahib, offered prayers. After that, Baba Rai deceased peacefully for his True house on July 23, 1628 A.D.

How did Baba Atal Rai die?

He was born on 23 Oct. 1619. He left this world at the tender age of nine years.

Who is the father of Atal Rai Ji?

Construct a few centuries ago, the Baba Rai Gurdwara is a touching ceremony of the young life of Rai, the son of Guru Hargobind.

At what area did Baba Rai sit before leaving to the true house?

Baba Rai went away. Atal took his bath in the blessed Sarovar, and laid down there as after that, Atal departed silent manner for his True house on July 23, 1628 A.D.

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