Baba Ishar Singh "Ji:" The Life of a Sikh Mystic

Baba Ishar Singh “Ji:” The Life of a Sikh Mystic

Sant Isher Singh Ji (Rara Sahib) was born on August 5, 1905, in the household of Baba Ram Singh Ji, the local chief in Alowal, a village close to Patiala. Baba Ram Singh Ji often craved the presence of the saints. In any case, a saint visited that hamlet and gave Baba Ram Singh Ji a rose as he left, blessing him to have a son who would be revered by monarchs and rulers.

After a while, Sant Isher Singh Ji, a son, was born and brought to the Gurudwara. A pandit had created a horoscope after observing Sant Ji’s hand and was horrified to see the symbol like “an eye” in the sole of his foot. The symbol was interpreted as a mark of royalty or strong spiritual leadership. Additionally, following the birth of Sant Isher Singh Ji, Baba Ram Singh Ji began to gain respect and prominence in society.

Baba Ram Singh Ji was highly committed to providing his kid with a top-notch education. Sant Isher Singh Ji was sent to Model School Patiala after completing his primary education, which was unusual in those days. Sant Isher Singh Ji performed remarkably well in school and was a model pupil in all respects—sports, academics, volunteer work, etc. He was also incredibly attractive. Sant Isher Singh Ji’s personality stood out greatly as a result of all this.

Sant Isher Singh Ji was constantly looking for the “Truth.” He eventually began performing “Kirtan” and visiting the Gurudwara in the mornings and nights. Afterward, Sant Ji had the honor of spending time with Sant Attar Singh Ji, Mastuana Sahib, and Sant Attar Singh Ji, Reru Sahib. Later, Sant Isher Singh Ji traveled with S. Hira Singh Ji to Sant Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib, where he received the blessing of “Amrit” and was told that he would go far in the pursuit of “Truth.” Sant Isher Singh ji returned to Patiala having undergone a complete personality transformation.

Sant Isher Singh Ji left his home in July 1922 and began caring for Sant Attar Singh Ji, at Reru Sahib. Soon after, Sant Kishen Singh Ji joined Sant Isher Singh Ji to care for and serve their ‘guru,’ Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji. Sant Isher Singh ji and Sant Kishen Singh ji have remained friends ever since.

Sant Attar Singh Ji imparted the following two ideas to Sant Isher Singh Ji and Sant Kishen Singh Ji:

To consistently practice and preach “Nam” and to hold a solid belief in “Atam Marg” (the spiritual road).

must always act honorably and never ask for anything.

Sant Attar Singh Ji, and Reru Sahib, left this world shortly. Sant Isher Singh Ji and Sant Kirshan Singh Ji, two of his young students, left Reru Sahib and traveled through a little jungle to arrive close to Rara Sahib. They both began to meditate and starting at midnight, their “samadhi” would linger for hours. Sant Isher Singh Ji’s health began to deteriorate as a result of the difficult practice of prolonged meditation sittings, and he became exceedingly weak.

After that, Dr. Mukherjee treated him in Delhi. Sant Isher Singh ji eventually began to feel better, returned to Rara Sahib, and began to travel with Sant Kishen Singh Ji.

Sant Isher Singh Ji submerged himself in a deeper and deeper “sadhana” in Rara Sahib. People kept showing up to help build a Gurudwara for Sant Ji. Sant Isher Singh Ji was in charge of traveling around India and abroad doing Kirtan, responding to the questions of the “Sadhaks,” and preaching Guru Nanak’s teachings, while Sant Kishan Singh Ji was in charge of maintaining the entire Gurudwara setup, including Langar, buffaloes, cows, schools, etc. Numerous events appear to support the idea that he altered the lives of thousands of individuals. Sant Isher Singh ji completed all of this before laying his remains to rest in England on August 25, 1975.

He was only ten or eleven years old when Baba Nand Singh ji Kaleranwale, a perfect heavenly master, visited his hamlet and the virtuous acts of a previous life began to bear fruit. He made it a point to be present physically and mentally at Baba’s assembly. He served in the cookhouse during this time as a water carrier and fanning the holy crowd with devotion and love. After that, he began making daily trips to Nanaksar Kaleran with other devotees to see Baba Nand Singh ji for darshan. He frequently stayed there for several days while completing volunteer work. As a result, he became more and more attached to God. When Baba ji returned to his village after three years, he was so drawn to Sant’s service that he permanently deserted his home in favor of the Lord’s house. He consumed some Khande di Pahul from Baba ji and began diligently to pursue the higher state of knowledge by devotion, penance, meditation, discipline, and austerity for which he had yearned his entire life. He would devote a lot of time to serving the holy congregation.

Sant Isher Singh Ji left his home in July 1922 to help care for Sant Attar Singh Ji at Reru Sahib.

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