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How to decorate tableau on Janmashtami, read 10 decoration ideas:

This year, the festival of Sri Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on Monday, 30th August, 2021. On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtmi, the entire country is absorbed in the devotion of Bal Gopal. The festival is celebrated with great fanfare in all households. The shadow of the corona is not completely gone, there is a need to step carefully at a time when you need to be disappointed, but you don’t need to be disappointed at all.

You can celebrate Sri Krishna Janmashtami with fanfare at your home. All that is important is to decorate the tableau beautifully on the occasion of Janmashtami. Decorating the place of worship of the house is of great importance.

There are still a few days left in Janmashtami. At such times, you can double the joy of this festival by buying a beautiful throne from the market. You can also order online.

How to Decorate Tableau on Janmashtami, let’s know?

  1. Inflation has broken everyone’s back since recently. At such a time, if you are not able to buy a gold or silver throne, don’t be disappointed, this time there are many new thrones available in the market in the latest trend, gold plated, beautiful wooden thrones made of wood are available in the market, you can make your Janmashtami the best by buying them.
  2. In addition, metal handicraft swings, wooden swings, flower decorated swings decorated with artificial flowers will be easily available in the market at a very beautiful and easy price, you can also celebrate this festival by bringing them.
  3. To decorate the tableau on Janmashtami, first clean the place of God and place the throne and place the picture or idol of Lord Krishna there first.
  4. Now dress Balagopal with his ornaments, decorate the swing as per your choice, decorate the place of worship with dried flowers. You can also use a flower decorated hammock decorated with artificial flowers here. You can also plant attractive plants for decoration around the place of worship, such as garbera daisy plant.
  5. Rangoli is considered to be of great importance in worship and fasting festivals and the decoration sits incomplete without the rangoli of every festival, so you must make a nice rangoli in front of god’s place and in the courtyard of the house.
  6. Do not forget to apply curd and handi in small places in the houses. The decoration of the place of worship or tableau is incomplete without curd-handi, decorate the curd-handi well.
  7. You can decorate the pot by pasting golden laces or flowers and beads to decorate it.
  8. The place of worship can also be decorated with colorful fringes. It will light up your place of worship.
  9. Janmashtami is performed at night. In such a situation, your place of worship will look beautiful with the light of diyas. You can also decorate the rangoli in front of the place of worship by applying diyas. Therefore, light diyas around the place of worship.
  10. Janmashtami festival can be celebrated more well with the beautiful dress of Sri Krishna ji, new carousel and throne etc. On this occasion, you must make laddoos of Sri Krishna’s beloved bhog like Panjiri, Makhan-Misri. Make this day meaningful by chanting their worship, worship, aarti and mantras by remaining absorbed in Sri Krishna bhakti.

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