9 movies by Ammy virk

Ammy Virk is notable actor and singer of Punjabi industry who has advanced in the hearts of individuals through his melodies, acting abilities, and exquisite voice. He has added to industry from different movies that are should look for everybody. Thus we have Ammy Virk movies list for you that will engage you for the duration of a day to day existence time.

1. Saab Bhadar (2017)

After genuine movies like Ardaas, satire stories like Nikka Zaildar and heartfelt movies like Angrej, Bambukat. It was turn of a tension spine chiller movie which are made in extremely less numbers in Punjab however luckily Ammy Virk has got his name for an anticipation thrill ride named as Saab Bahadar. He is found in a very surprising Avtar of an official who is researching on a homicide case.

Where he needs to think like lawbreakers to reach till them, the story will bound you so that you will be stunned to see its peak.

2. Nikka Zaildar 2 (2017)

Nikka Zaildar 2, as the name says, this is the spin-off of 2016 film Nikka Zaildar which got a ton of affection from the crowd. Every one of the characters same very much like past the expansion of Sardar Sohi and Wamiqa Gabbi was seen in Nikka Zaildar 2 which took the past story further.

This movie likewise got similar evaluations and consideration of individuals very much like the set of experiences rehashed the same thing. The movie is valid combination of parody and sentiment, a total diversion bundle for one.

3. Sat Shri Akal England (2017)

Sat Shri Akal England is the account of a man who needs to go to England only for some great like vacationer, however his visa application is constantly dismissed. Still by one way or another this man arrives at England, after which the things made everybody snicker on account of his English abilities and the style he talks.

Karamjit Anmol and Monica Gill are other driving actors that make it more fascinating alongside the focal person, Ammy Virk.

4. Angrej (2015)

Featuring Amrinder Gill alongside Ammy Virk this movie takes us to the occasions when there were no telephones, facebook or any sort of friendly stations. Yet at the same time, love was noticeable all around, the film was so cherished by everybody and had won numerous hearts. Acting of Ammy Virk in the film appeared to be sensible to such an extent that separated of from singing it never looked odd to the watchers.

This was the introduction and probably the best movie of Ammy Virk. Angrej was coordinated by Simarjit Singh and composed by Amberdeep Singh.

5. Nikka Zaildar (2016)

Nikka Zaildar is a lighthearted comedy story from Simarjit Singh once more, who caught the ability of acting inside Ammy Virk and gave it another method of communicating him through this sort of film. Featuring Sonam Bajwa against Ammy Virk was the best science at any point seen.

The story is around two people in love who concentrate in an equivalent school where Ammy Virk needs to wed Sonam Bajwa and Karamjit Anmol is the middle person who attempts to persuade both the families. Yet, a misfortune happened that Ammy’s family says yes to Sonam’s family for defacing Ammy to Sonam’s sister. The story will take high points and low points which will make impacts of chuckling on consistently you watch it. Nikka Zaildar complete movie is accessible on YouTube station of Lokdhun.

6. Bambukat (2016)

Bambukat is coordinated by very notable overseer of Punjabi film, Pankaj Batra that stars Ammy Virk and Binnu Dhillon in the main job. The story spins around the contrasts between parents in law of two kin sisters where one with reasonable shading is hitched to a Binnu Dhillon who has government work.

Another on account of her earthy colored tone is hitched to Ammy Virk (common man). Likewise the story takes turn when Binnu Dhillon slights Ammy Virk on every one of the events he meets him since he possesses a Bambukat (Bike) though Ammy is on bike. The story tells that how a customary man shows his shadings when he is under assessed at each perspective. Additionally he makes plainly he isn’t conventional in any way.

7. Ardaas (2016)

Ardaas is the movie coordinated and composed by Gippy Garewal, stars different specialists like Ammy Virk, Gurpreet Ghughi, Karamjit Anmol, Rana Ranbir, Sardar Sohi, Mandy Takhar and others. The story is about a town and its issues on different themes. Ammy Virk is displayed as child of an in adoration rancher with girl of a runner. The movie is an absolute necessity watch and is included in the best movies of Ammy Virk.

8. Qismat( 2018)

For the individuals who attempt to look through the Bollywood flavor in Punjabi film should watch ‘Qismat’. Highlighting Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta, ‘Qismat’ was 2018’s one of the greatest earning Punjabi movies.

It was a lighthearted comedy, which showed how destiny makes two individuals run into each other however doesn’t allow them to join together. In the movie, the personality of Ammy as Shiva will get you a crazy ride of feelings. You will blow up at him some of the time, you will chuckle at his peculiarities, you will succumb to his heartfelt motions and you will cry on his aggravation.

9. Sufna (2020)

Another excellent movie in which Ammy Virk gave a stunning presentation is ‘Sufna’. Delivered recently, ‘Sufna’ is a without a doubt heartfelt movie. It depended on the romantic tale of individuals who however don’t have the foggiest idea how to characterize love, do realize how to do it.

The movie was rotating more around the female hero played by Tania, and Ammy found a way the solid way to be a piece of such a film where the film isn’t significantly about him. Nonetheless, with his ability of claiming the screen space and depicting the person with most extreme conviction he took hearts. In the film, while Tania just needed him to concentrate well and find a fair line of work for a superior future, Ammy Virk concentrated hard to satisfy her ‘Sufna’ her fantasy.

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