7 Best Inspirational Stories for Kids

7 Best Inspirational Stories for Kids

Nowadays kids enjoy using electronics when they are too little to even handle them properly. Even parents prefer giving phones to their children so they can have some time for themselves but such small things could lead to problematic things for kids like vision issues. One can rather give a radio or play audio of inspirational stories for kids with great morals. In this way, parents will get time and kids will enjoy such stories too. There are greater benefits of listening to the stories rather than watching videos as it increases concentration and helps the mind to focus more which is constructive for kids.

7 Best Inspirational Stories for kids:-

Dream Big

Lily is a timid and reticent little girl. She does, however, enjoy playing soccer. Lily’s peers and pals tease her about her soccer obsession. Despite this, she is willing to pursue her dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Lily rushes through her schoolwork and soccer practice every day when she gets home from school. Lily’s mother recognizes Lily’s passion for the sport and backs her up beyond belief.

Lily decided to compete in the interschool events when they are publicized at school. Her peers mock her again while she participates in the selection trials. They are surprised, however, when Lily does well and is chosen to represent the school by the judges. Every individual who criticized Lily was silenced by her dedication and hard effort.

Moral: Despite scorn from others, perseverance, strong will, and focus may help you achieve even the most difficult of goals.

The Hare and the Turtle

The hare brags one day and comes up with the brilliant idea of organizing a race with the turtle. The race started after the turtle accepted. Because he was a great runner, the hare was able to acquire a strong lead over the turtle. The hare, on the other hand, had such a large ego that he not just raced well ahead of the turtle, but also opted to take a snooze just before the end zone. Even if he dozed for a while, he felt confident that he would win.

On either side, the turtle was much slower than the hare. He did, however, keep up with the race and did not take any shortcuts. Just as the hare was having to wake up, the turtle made it to the finish line! Even though he was a far slower sprinter than the hare, he finished the race first, and he never rubbed his success in the hare’s face.

Moral:  You would always prevail if you are steady and persistent, regardless of your speed. Laziness, like pride, is your adversary.

Never Give up

This is a tale about the significance of perseverance and never having to give up, no matter how so many setbacks you’ve had before.

A man was enjoying his vacation in Africa. He was watching the elephants pass by one day. To his surprise, these massive, powerful beasts were only restrained by a little rope connected to their front leg. Theylity to flee at any time. They did not, however.

Then he came across a trainer and inquired as to how not a single elephant might have attempted to escape away. „When the elephants are very small, we use the same size ropes to bind them, that should be enough to hold them,” the trainer added.

The man was taken aback. These powerful animals could have broken free at any time, but they didn’t since they thought it was unattainable. When people have given up from the first setback, they can act like animals. Failures are a necessary part of the learning process.

Moral: We must never surrender instead, we must try and try again.

The Lioness and the Mouse

As we all knew, lionesses are aggressive, haughty, and tend to look down on smaller animals. A thorn wounded the paw of one of these lionesses as she was skimming the jungle. The lioness, being haughty, opted not to seek assistance. She walked all around the jungle, weakening and bleeding.

She came across a simple mouse one day. The lioness was in excruciating agony. Despite his fear, the mouse was brave enough to give assist considerable difficulty, the little mouse was able to remove the thorn from the lioness’s paw and relieve her of her suffering.

The lioness’ life was saved by the mouse’s compassionate gesture, even though the lioness was large and strong and the mouse was small and modest.

Moral: Be humble and remember that size does not imply power or utility.

The priceless present

John, a little boy, dreams of having his bicycle and riding it everywhere he goes. His father, on the other hand, does not make enough money to buy him a bicycle. On his way to school that day, John notices a young child riding a solid bicycle. The cycle skids when turning a corner, injuring the small boy severely. John rushes to his rescue and transports him to a doctor for treatment. Later, he assists the boy in returning home. The youngster comes from a rich family, and his parents notice John assisting him. They give John a new bicycle as a token of their gratitude.

Moral: Always be kind to folks in need it will come back to you.

The struggle of a butterfly

A man discovers a butterfly escaping from its cocoon just then. He sits quietly, watching the butterfly fight to get out of the tiny hole. When he notices the butterfly isn’t moving after a little while, he attempts to assist it.

The man peels the cocoon and opens it with scissors. The butterfly emerges effortlessly, but its body is bloated and its wings are underdeveloped. The man watches the butterfly’s wings expand and attempts unsuccessfully to milk it.

The butterfly spent the remainder of her brief existence unable to fly and crawling. The crew wanted to do a great deed without realizing that life is full of challenges. The butterfly’s body is intended to struggle before it can fly.

Moral:  Our personalities are shaped by our trials and setbacks in life. They make us brave and self-reliant.

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