Wildlife Encounters: Safari Adventures in Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Wildlife Encounters: Safari Adventures in Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Marvel at the tiny but stun way Bandhavgarh National Park on the guided tour. Formerly the sweet home to the Maharaja of Rewa’s summer palace, this protected zone is home to tigers in their natural habitat. Led by a government-licensed driver and guide, exploring the ancient fort and bamboo forest hidden on the himalayans edge.

Ideal for travelers tiny on time, this tour explores the great attractions in the Madya Pradesh state in few days of sightseeing. Seeing the Khajuraho Temples, a UNESCO-listed complex popular for erotic sculptures and nagara-style architecture. Then visit two national parks: head out for a free time in Panna National Park and Jeep safari, and searching for flora and fauna with a biologist way in Bandhavgarh National Park.

Snuggled among the Bandhavgarh Satpura hills in central India, a national park richest in history as well as the wildlife. This popular tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh getting its name from the legend. Bandhav signify brother and garh signify fort—it is faith that Lord Ram gifting a fort in this zone to Laxman, his young brother. The park has numerous sites of paleohistory importance, but its illustrious tigers remaining the marker attraction. 

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There are approximately 250 species of birds and 37 species of mammals in the park. The most commonly spotted mammals are wild dogs, tigers, sloth bears, and jackals. Among the deer species founded in the park, sightings of the spotted deer and the sambar deer are much more periodic than those of the evasive barking deer. You do also find 300+ species of songbird in the reserve like coppersmith barbet, the pond heron, white-necked stork, scarlet minivet, sarus crane, asian green bee-eater, and much more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see tigers on a Bandhavgarh National Park tour in the Madhya Pradesh Indian state. Travel by open-air vehicle, you do embarking on a safari to spot the park’s and the tigers other wildlife. This is a good manner to natural wonders of India experience a bit.

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Madhya Pradesh can be said to be the India microcosm, for the land reflecting the India glory in numerous manners. These do connected to the framework grandeur of its mosques, palaces, and temples, the natural beauty neighbouring the escapade trail of the tiger sanctuaries and the state to name a few.  This tiny trip is planned to showcase the Mowgli land. A trip to Bandhavgarh, Pench,and Kanha, the most visited India National Park’s is plan to showcase the illustrious flora & fauna of Madhya Pradesh. Accomodation for each at Bandhavgarh, Pench,and Kanha with all meals are put forward. It derived each at all the parks,luxurious stay,full board aircon and meals transfering making this trip extremely memorable & will left you with a powerful desire to visit The Heart of Incredible India.

There Is Much to Do In Bandhavgarh National Park Apart From Jungle Safari

Begin on a unforgettable wildlife safari through the unmixed scenery of Bandhavgarh, and Pench National Parks. Submerging yourself in the renowned tiger reserves heart, where you have the chance to spot exalted Royal Bengal Tigers, along with an affluent wildlife diversity. Go along with by knowledgeable naturalists, enjoying thrilled gypsy safaris and exploring the lush riverine habitats, forests, and meadows. Experiencing the thrill of encountering leopards, tigers, a myriad of bird species and wild dogs, while developing memories that would last a lifetime.

Embarking on an unbelievable wildlife safari tour, exploring the sundry national parks of Bandhavgarh, Satpura, Kanha, and Pench. Submerging yourself in the enthralling beauty of these cities, along with the Bhopal historical treasures, the ancient rock sheltering of Bhimbetka, and the Sanchi UNESCO World Heritage Site. Witnessing elusive leopards, exalted tigers, and a multitude of other engrossing wildlife species in the natural habitats, while also delve into the richest region cultural heritage. Getting ready for the thrilling adventure through the India’s heart wilds and its ancient sites.

The few days Bandhavgarh Kanha Tour with Khajuraho, will letting you enjoyed jeep safari’s in total at Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench National Park. You will also explore Delhi and Khajuraho. The trip do includes accommodation, travelling, and usual breakfast.

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The 9 days Bandhavgarh Kanha Tour with Khajuraho, will let you enjoyed jeep safari’s in total at Pench, Bandhavgarh, and Kanha National Park. You will do exploring Khajuraho and Delhi. The trip do includes accommodation, sightseeing, daily breakfast and all transfers.


It is one of the India national parks, situated in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. Bandhavgarh, with an zone of 105 K.M., was declaring a national park in 1968. The buffer is spreaded over the forest divisions of Katni and Umaria, and totals 820 km2. The park gained its name from the most important area hillock, which was said to be give out by Hindu Almighty Rama to the brother Lakshmana to keeping a watch on Lanka.

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