Experiencing the Thrills of Kaziranga National Park in Assam

Experiencing the Thrills of Kaziranga National Park in Assam

Experiencing the Thrills of Kaziranga National Park in AssamSituated in the biological-rich surroundings by the Brahmaputra and thrive amidst luxuriant foliage is Kaziranga National Park – the attractive home of one-spiked rhinos on earth. As the manifold wildlife in the park roams around willingly, it’s a true joy to watching them playing in the natural habitat. Kaziranga is sweet home to the hugest population of rhinoceros. Apart from the rhinos, the national park is signify as the hugest Elephants breeding space, Swamp Deer and wild water buffaloes.

A world heritage site-Kaziranga National Park

The best loved sweet home to country 2/3rd population of one-piercing Rhinos, this National Park is a enormous parish of flora and fauna family. Almost 2200 one-horned rhinos roaming around the national park zone along with another beautiful wildlife breed. Thrive on the river banks of Brahmaputra, Kaziranga flaunts grasslands, meadows, dense forests and swampy lagoons house up a myriad of floral species and wildlife.

Kaziranga was proclaimed as a global heritage site as a protected reserve in 1985. The park was set up in 1908 in the East Himalayan biodiversity hotspots of Nagaon district and Golaghat. After Lady Curzon visit up the place situated in the zone, she was not pretty happy after not spot out the rhinos and that’s when she asked Curzon to start the potential of a forest reserve in the zone. Spreading over 430 sq km. zone, Kaziranga do has Guwahati, Assam and Manas National Park based in the neighbourhood.

Few of the best loved animal species that could be spotted in the national park zone are only there itself. The park has seeing a rise in the tigers number over the years. While elephants, swamp deer and wild water buffalo continued to be the biggest park breeding animals.

Also, there are a some foreign species of Baer’s Pochard duck, white-fronted goose, ferruginous duck and lesser aid, greater aid, Asian Openbill stork and black-necked stork that in flight all the manner from the Central Asia during winter season. Only if you spot on, you do got to see a lot of them!

Kaziranga National Park in Assam – The Wild Wild East!

Among other appreciable park characteristic are the huge elephant grass, thick equatorial moist broadleaf woodland and wetland. The attractive cover of green around makes certain that the park looking nothing lesser than an Eden. To top it all, the Brahmaputra river presenting on the edge offers the park a pretty look from all around.

The weather remains humid and hot and the park remaining closed as of Brahmaputra river floods. Winter is the ideal time to visit Kaziranga National Park when the weather is pretty clear and rhinos do spotted easy way.

The bigger park zone serves a span of activities in its establishment. And they are so engaged that you will be left wanted in the end. Apart from wildlife and safaris, there is a lot to discover in and around the national park zone. The Brahmaputra flow up by the park zone is just too awesome to taken up an activity or two.

How to reached Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park, Safari Timing, How to Reach, Best Time to Visit

Wildlife tours in Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga wildlife tour packages along with the closeby attractions are a crucial pull for nature devotee. You do either opting for a tour to Kaziranga along with Delhi – Kaziranga or Bandhavgarh National Park– Guwahati tour as per to the choice of attractions.

Chitwan Elephant Safari: Price, Time, Booking, Cost, Online 2021

Elephant Safari

One of the pivotal attractions in the parking zone, Elephant safari is the ideal manner to watch up the Kaziranga from the nearby chambers. Also, the elephant safari do get you the nearest to the Kaziranga one-horned rhinos.

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Jeep safari

Other well-familiar activities that you taken up in the national park zone are bird watching, hike in Brahmaputra, boat riding and dolphin watching. And these adventure activities array making for one true Kaziranga National Park exciting trip.

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Wild Mahseer at Addabarie Tea Estate

A relaxing refuge for the travelers from across the planet, Wild Mahseer is a parasitic style property spreading over 22 acres pushed in the luxuriant environment of Addabarie Tea Estate closeby Tezpur. The 3 bedroom inheritance bungalow captivate each historian with the Victorian architecture.

Orang National Park 2023: A Complete Guide To Explore Mini Kaziranga!

Orang National Park

Towards the mighty Brahmaputra north banks is Orang National Park. Declared as a fauna in 1958 Orang National Park is situated in Darrang and Sonitpur district of Assam. Grasslands, Marshes, and streams form the beautiful wildlife reserve landscape also signify as mini Kaziranga. One-piercing Rhinoceros, elephants, pigmy hog, tigers and wild buffalo are among the huge variety of wildlife spot out in the park.

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Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary

Previously signify as Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary and Hoollongapar Reserve Forest, the Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary is a biodiversity-rich place situated in the Assam Jorhat district. It was in 1997 that the reserve was set up formally. The forest zone majorly comprised of a Hollong tree. The sanctuary is primarily signify as the sweet home to the Bengal slow loris – the nocturnal orang in the Northeast India and globes only gorilla – the hoolock gibbons.

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