Why are Sikhs so much respected in India?

Why are Sikhs so much respected in India?

Sikhism is a dynamic religion that, while it was founded 500 years ago, was far ahead of the times. And any religion forms from individuals and here we are talking about Sikhs. Undoubtedly Sikh community the most respected majority of Sikhs resides in Punjab state of India you could easily point out Sikhs in a crowd because of their turban which sets them apart from others and it is also an identity of Sikhs (not all Sikhs wear a turban). Also, there is barely any part of the whole world where you can’t find Sikhs, and not just in India everywhere around the world are respected. Reasons are many and we will be discussing all regarding why they are so much respected and why do they deserve so much respect which they do.

Sikhs believe that all people, men, and women, are equal in the eyes of God, who created the earth and all religions. Generosity, modesty, and self-reliance are advocated as ways for people to build their moral integrity. And they have always treated both males and females equally for the past 500 years and this is what sets them apart from any other religion in the whole wide world where still there are certain religions where women aren’t considered or treated well.

Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth of them, witnessed Mughal state officials forcibly adopting its Hindu citizeDevenEven thoughts oppression was directed at a religious community to which he did not object and whose ideas he did not share, Guru Tegh Bahadur stayed firm in his support for their freedom to freely practice religion, and the state retaliated by publicly murdering him. And still, Sikhs follow this lesson by their gurus of helping the people with no defense or weaker ones and people who need their help. You can ask any Sikh person to help you and they would never say no to help and that’s what is appreciated about Sikhs.

In the world, there are the names of the routs religions and millions of sacred places of respective religions but not every sacred place offers you food that too all the time without asking from which religion you belong or what caste you belong to. But Gurudwara’s of Sikhs are always open for everyone doesn’t matter what standard or class you belong to you can have food in almost all the gurudwaras along with Kada prasad of desi ghee. Sikh people always help poor people or the ones in need by offering them shelter, food, clothes, or whatever they require. You must have witnessed Sikhs doing Seva and coming forward for the country or whichever place they belong to when the nation is in adverse conditions and this generosity is indeed worth appreciation.

Sikhs are the happiest and most vibrant people you will barely meet any Sikh who stays calm in celebration or even, in general, gives that happy-go-lucky vibe, and no one would ever feel as low around them as they are so good at keeping the spirit of living high. They seem to be the most positive community to be around and it barely matters for them that where you belong to they always be nice to you and welcome you warmly in their house or area. They live life to the fullest and how could we forget to mention that they believe in their God Waheguru Ji the most and believes that Waheguru Ji will always take care of them and guide them in the right direction their beliefs are indeed so strong that they connect with their guru’s spiritually and respects them so much and even celebrate their special days with so much love a Literally.

We can keep writing about them and it still would fall less there are so many qualities of Sikhs to be appreciated and we have mentioned very few of them which shows why they are so much respected in India and even other places.

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