How brutal was the Taliban rule in the 90s, how did they treat Hindu-Sikh women

How brutal was the Taliban rule in the 90s, how did they treat Hindu-Sikh women

In 1994, a small number of people formed the Taliban. However, its strength rose after that. Following 1994, its forces quickly began operations in Afghanistan. Their strength grew stronger over time. The number of troops on their side has also risen dramatically. They were about to receive guns and supplies. For the very first time in 1996, he seized power in Afghanistan.

Kabul has been taken over by the Taliban. The Taliban currently have authority over the majority of Afghanistan’s territory. There are also claims that the Taliban has perpetrated widespread bloodshed in numerous Afghan areas, making residents fearful. The savagery with which the Taliban controlled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 is still fresh in people’s minds.

Following that, Islamic law began to be questioned in the international community due to the taliban’s stringent implementation of sharia throughout the country. They didn’t even hesitate to use terrible tactics to carry it out. People were subjected to terrible torture.

At the time, the Taliban adopted several bizarre laws. This made it essential for men to grow beards. Women’s departures and employment were strictly prohibited. The use of schools and colleges was prohibited. The use of music, birds, and kite soaring were all prohibited. A woman would also have been condemned to death if she had been found outside without a veil.

Women were much more susceptible to Taliban authority in those days, hence there was more calamity for women. Their schooling and employment were prohibited. At the same time, she couldn’t go anywhere alone, even if she would have to. They had to bring a man along. Women’s sports were outlawed totally. If a woman is caught in the act of breaching something, she will be subjected to public Islamic penalties.

Buddha statues were destroyed in Bamiyan in 1999. Expulsion of a huge number of men, women, and youngsters from the nation. People in Istanbul, a hamlet of 45,000 people known for its ceramic industry, were urged to leave the city within 24 hours. Large numbers of people were displaced as a result of this.

Several of the Taliban al-human Qaeda’s smuggling networks are run by them. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, minority women were kidnapped and sold. He targeted tajik, uzbek, hazara, and non-pashtun women in Afghanistan. Thousands of women decided that suicide was a better option than servitude in such a circumstance. On a wide scale, women were kidnapped. Buses and trucks were used to transport them.

The Taliban and its allies were mostly to blame for the violence in Afghanistan in 2009. They were involved in 76 percent of the incidents. In 2010, that figure had risen to 80%.

In Afghanistan, the population of hindus and sikhs has existed since ancient times. They make up a sizable minority in the area. It had made a significant contribution to the country’s development and entrepreneurship. However, after falling under taliban authority, many began to flee to India and other nations.

They were told by the Taliban to carefully follow sharia law. They took over their properties and vandalized holy sites. Non-muslim families were required to put up yellow boards outside their homes and non-muslim women were required to wear yellow gowns during the Taliban’s control.

Typically, hindu and sikh ladies wore yellow clothing with distinctive markings so that they could be distinguished from one another. They were also instructed to keep a safe distance from Muslims. Don’t talk to them or engage with them. Even hindu and sikh women were forbidden from entering muslims’ houses or being accompanied by a muslim.

The Taliban’s savagery has begun to spread across Afghanistan. However, government officials have received no reports of fatalities or damage to ordinary cities. The Taliban assassinated a member of his family while searching for a journalist. In some situations, women and girls have been subjected to compulsion.

The Taliban are engineering their demise by denying young males the kind of schooling which might prepare them for employment in the contemporary age, and by refusing young women any schooling at all. The human mind’s drive for justice, equality, education, and improvement is too great to be repressed indefinitely. The Taliban must not be defeated by embracing its heinous behaviors. Since the belief and actions of the Taliban are completely wrong they shouldn’t be supported by anyone. Any kind of support could lead to massive destructions otherwise.

The Taliban’s refusal to accept the information is a different story. The Taliban has published a statement stating that it has forgiven the Afghan people and that the nation will once again be at peace. But it’s also true that most people believe the Taliban’s new incarnation is a fake. The reason for this is the Taliban’s dreadful history.


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