Do Girls Like BOYS with TURBAN? | WHY Girls Like TALL BOYS?

Do Girls Like BOYS with TURBAN? | WHY Girls Like TALL BOYS?

It is no secret that there is some kind of prejudice against longevity. We should all be great basketball players. The daily expectations of being a top athlete, being more successful, and being a professional light printer are also common.

Another sure benefit of being a young man is an extraordinary attention that women receive.

Since my friends under 6 feet tall always point me out, most women seem to be attracted to boys who are as tall as a magnet. At first, I refused as a paranoid encounter that had aroused my curiosity. When things seemed to be going my way, it was too late for me to tell.

Then one evening, after my friend’s teaching was reinforced, I decided to find out if it was just me or if women generally prefer to talk to men taller than shorter men. What I found was a mixture of fun lessons and a cry for help for the little boys.

Why Do Girls Like Tall Guys? 11 Reasons She'd Rather Look Up

Why do women like tall men?

In short, forgive my pun, women love tall men for many reasons. Could it be that great ambition is still emerging from the 200,000 years of a powerful human life? Or the fact that tall men seem happier, more confident, and probably not jealous of other men?

To my great surprise, my research briefly identified a specific practice. Women make beline for tall boys.

After researching articles on why women like tall boys, one statement that most shows its face in all ‘tall men’ articles is that men over 6 meters gain the most powerful roles in society and the average income. Could this be a factor that contributes to their popularity?

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, men over 6 feet [6 m] earn an average of $ 800 a year on average over their short counterparts. The researcher of the study, psychologist Timothy Judge Ph.D., found that “taller people may have more confidence and social confidence than shorter people. Next, some may view tall people as leaders and leaders.”

If you want more proof that height is equal to strength, just look at the statistics I have found related to USA leadership roles. In the USA community, where only 14% of men are over 6 meters, the outstanding 58% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are over 6 meters!

Need more statistics, during the US political history, the average President stood at 5 ’11 “, while George Washington stood at 6′ 2”. Recalling that the average American male is 5 ‘9 “, and also very young back in the 1700s, these are some of the most impressive figures.

Long boyfriend and short girlfriend

Evolutionary psychology

If we look at evolutionary psychology, there is a theory called assortative mating that shows that people often choose the same mate, including height. However, the reliability of this theory regarding the length difference is tested. Recent findings suggest that modern women prefer men to be 8 “taller. Do you think that is an indication of the healing size they intend to wear?

Research has also shown that the preference for tall people is not limited to gender. It seems that when it came to choosing a suitable partner, men were not so selective about the length differences.

“Statistics show that 13.5% of men only wanted to date younger women. In contrast, 48.9% of women prefer tall men only.

Gender and high opinion in the media

In our world of extreme communication, it is all too easy to get so caught up in the rush of life that we forget what matters most. We are constantly bombarded with information about how we should look, feel and act. The community uses spirits such as movies, magazines, news, music, marketing, and influential people to reinforce certain messages.

Why Women Go After Tall Guys and What Short Guys Can Do About It - AskMen

I can’t help but wonder if these bombings are always the main reason why short women and tall women are out of the process of evolution in their choice of partners.

Throughout the screen era, women have always looked up to their eyes, men have always bent over to kiss, and let’s not forget the long and beautiful hero who always sweeps to save a depressed girl. Sounds like a whole Disney movie, and that’s what every grown girl wants from a man.

The fact of fact: Height is the second most commonly misused feature of dating services, surpassed only by ‘work’.

Not to be overlooked, and politically incorrect is the idea that women look too tall men for physical protection and security. Whether this sex theory is real or imagined, there is a level of protection for unsuspecting women who find an attraction that only a tall man can provide.

The tall men look strong

So why is it so important for today’s older women of the opposite sex to have long-term partners? Is it important for them to find that 8 “length difference in the right partner?

The truth is a little mixed up. Women say they do not want to be shorter than their partner when wearing heels. Some women are attracted to the self-esteem, or confidence that a tall young man is supposed to be carrying. Another comment I found was interesting that women say they like tall boys to take care of themselves. When their boy is older, they feel younger.

Many of the girls who were interviewed about why they relied so much on tall men said that tall boys made them feel safe. They carry the image that he can protect a woman, and keep her and her family safe. They seem powerful.

Long boyfriend and short girlfriend at a grocery store

Tall Guy Genetics

At the risk of being sexually promiscuous, women are desperate to find a mate who will give birth to a better chance of survival. Seeking a long, strong, and dominant model will equate his children who experience these same traits, thus living. The most primal I know.

Although these days there is little about survival and more about prosperity, these natural traits of Darwinism of our ancestors live there at a deeper level. No matter how independent and forward-thinking we may have, the desire to protect our genes remains.

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