Creation of the Universe

The universe is a vast network of celestial things and organisms. Only the earth is proven to have lived on it among the planets. Air, water, land, energy, and space are all necessary for life to exist. Days, nights, climates, and tides are all created by the sun, earth, and moon working together to programme human daily routines. All of this points to Intelligent Design, which is in operation.

The cosmos has been created in such a way that organisms can fulfil their duties in life. Their bodies have been programmed to fulfil their tasks. Reptiles, mammals, humans, apes, birds, and aquatic life can all see this. What is scientific research, exactly? It is the study of natural events, the recognition of their repeating patterns, and the deduction of laws of the universe from them.

Scientists analyze them and refer to them as scientific rules. These rules were created by our Creator, the brilliant Scientist and Developer, not by scientists. They make use of them, however, some refuse to acknowledge their Creator.

Stephen Hawking (1972-2018), a well-known physicist, paints an intriguing scenario. He was an outspoken atheist, yet he was also a thinker. His reasoning faculty constantly drew him to God, but he attempted to find a method to refute Him.

According to scientists, the universe was created by the Big Bang, an explosion of a black hole, which had been created by the accumulation of three components: matter, space, and energy. So, it’s apparent that the researchers theorize they were generated by the Big Bang and that they also triggered the explosion. An explosion would not be possible without these three.

It is essential to have a clear understanding of God, our Creator. God is described as Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient by everybody. This is not a human being. God is understood by even non-believers as the power ‘up there’ that governs and regulates the planet. The Creator is the Spirit who established the natural rules and subjected it all to them.

The universe exists for organisms to carry out their functions. All animals have the same ancestor, according to Charles Darwin, the inventor of the theory of evolution. This is unimaginable.. The creatures were created in four different ways by the Maker. Mammals, such as humans, come from the womb, birds come from eggs, lice come from sweating, and earthworms and vegetation come from the soil.

Most scientists agree with Darwin that the Almighty has no role in this. This is merely an opposing viewpoint, and accepting anything at all in the interest of science has become fashionable.

Human Body Architecture

The human body’s composition is interesting. It is densely packed with organs, arteries, and veins. They’re all part of one system, and if one of them fails, the whole thing falls apart. This is known as ‘irreducible intricacy,’ and any of them arising through evolution is a dream, although Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory, indulges in it.

Challenges with Theory, Darwin has put in a lot of effort to show that distinct body organs evolved over that if any part can be seen to have irreducible intricacy, his hypothesis will be disproven.

However, despite being the most complicated organ in the human body, the eye might have developed. This isn’t science; it’s just speculation.

We take the Creator’s game for stride, oblivious to its magnificence. The tongue is a soft tissue that takes in foods and is placed within the set of teeth. The method guarantees that the teeth pulverize the food while leaving the tongue free to taste and talk.

Indeed, things happen by the Creator’s ways. The Creator set the cosmic entities in orbits. The animals are conceived, born, develop, and die by the rules. No one has the power to change them. Seasons, days, and nights are created by the sun, earth, and moon. No one has the power to change them. When the given lifespan has passed, even the most advanced medical technology will not be able to extend life. The Creator is, without a doubt, all-powerful.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS), a Sikh scripture written in 1604, recounts the process of formation scientifically, employing notions that science had not yet articulated. It is a forerunner in recognising general science features as observed in natural events. It describes a scientifically accurate creation sequence. It claims, for example, that the Creator first recognized and then made the components that would comprise the cosmic bodies and life. It further claims that the animals were created after the resources required for their existence were provided.

Denying or demeaning science is not the idea here but the fact is everything does have logic but one cannot deny the almighty and his creation in the name of modern science. Just accept the lord and be in peace.

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