Best Cities in India for Traveling and Vacationing

Best Cities in India for Traveling and Vacationing

India- the place which is blessed with many attractive and beautiful scenic locations, never failed to influence the humans who like to discover its beauty. The rich variety of beaches, mountains, gardens, hills, wildlife, forest, etc., India has something or the other for everyone who look out for the travelling and vacation places in the country.


Whenever you deal with the warm red hot India summer, the best place to visit is the hill station to relaxing. Manali is one of the best hill stations that you do visit to have a awesome and pleasant time with your dear ones.

The snow-covered mountains, the intense surrounded greenery and the cooling breeze making Manali the ideal destination.


This place is one of the good-known hilly stations in the country. Shimla is one of the popular destinations of many travellors who look out for that ideal zone where they do discover the beauty of nature along with pleasant environment relaxing.

You will falling in love with its beauty. It is the ideal combination of British elegance and Indian beauty.


Without a doubt, Ladakh is one of the most famous destinations for the travelors. Humans from around the globe visiting the place to witnessing the picturesque locations and mesmerizing beauty of the place.

Consider the Ladakh pleasant climatic conditions, you should visiting the place during the summers. the blue sky and The blue lakes is the dreamy destination for each biker.


Famous way known as skiing destination king, this place welcoming the tourists to get certain relief from the India heating waves. It is one of the cool places which are visited by many travellors throughout the year.

The pleasant surroundings of the place along with the ideal mixture of snow covered and greenery mountains make this place perfect for the Indian travelers.


When you are mention the Indian tourist places, the list won’t get complete without mention the name Nainital in it. The place beauty along with the pleasant and soothing environment attracting the tourists.

It is one of the most famous destinations in India which is loved by most of the humans. It can be easily visited on may june.


To know about the rich culture and history of India, this place makes the righteous choice. Jaipur has many alluring locations that reflected the Indian connection with its celebrated past.

Famous way signify as the ‘pink city’, Jaipur is one of the good family business spots. Also, make certain to visit the various museums and temples accessible at this place for having a good idea of India.


This palce is one of those hill stations in the country, which apart from deliver the best of nature’s beauty, is also linked with the glorify history. Ranikhet was once the residence of Kumaon region Queen Padmini.

Along with many mesmerizing and picturesque destinations, this place serve numerous historic places and monuments which acting as an attraction to the humans.

Mount Abu

It is one of the most famous hilly stations in the country and is one of the good attractions for the travellors for the fact that it is the only Rajasthan hill station.

The hill station is the ideal mix of the pleasing environment along with many relaxation points. The various lakes and temples attract numerous people to visit at this location.


There is a reason why this place is signify as the ‘heaven on Earth.’ The unmatched beauty of this zone along with the good climatic condition, Srinagar rules the hearts of many travellors. It is one of the few zones which are favored by both single travelers as well as couples.

This place will delivered few unforgettable experience to the travellors with its scenic beauty.


If you are a spiritual human and are looking for a place where you do seeking the blessings of the God, then there can be no good place than Haridwar.

The place is one of the most spiritual and blessed attraction in the country which is visited by thousands of devotees each year. the various pilgrims, The various temples, and picturesque locations are a must visit.


This is beautiful attraction that is visited by a number of devotees to seek the God blessings. The positive atmosphere of the Rishikesh is one good attraction for the tourists visit.

Along with the numerous temples architectural beauty, Rishikesh is also famous for the different adventurous activities accessible for the visitors. Rafting is one of the most famous adventures tried here.


There is no comparison of the beauty of Dharamshala to any other place as the place is calm and plain in its appearance. Those humans who like the simplicity of the beauty loves visiting Dharamshala like this place.

You do easy way relaxing in the place pleasing environment. Making certain to visit this flawless beauty to have an enjoy vocational timing with your family people.

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