15 interesting facts related to this mysterious world, you will not believe

The universe is fully filled with mysteries. Some solved, some you cannot understand and some that remain fully unknown. But then, there comes a timeline when the unknown becomes known, and once proved, it becomes fact. So, here are few amazing facts from around the globe that will really leave you astonished:

5000 years old, Varanasi is one of the aged Inhabited Places in the universe

Located on the banks of river Ganges and constituted in the Parliament by the nation PM Narendra Modi, the sacred city of kasha or Varanasi is at least 3000 years old. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva set up this city 5000 years ago.

A Meteor shaped the Breath taking Lonar Lake in Maharashtra

A few hours drive from Aurangabad and doubling as Maharashtra’s best-kept hidden secret, this lake was developed by a plunging meteor about 52,000 years ago. Travel fans should not miss this astronomical wonder and the shrines around it.

In 2011, a woman labeled Aimee Davison buy out a ‘non visible’ chunk of art for $10,000

She was pledged an full wing of the museum named in her glory and a title card with a explanation of the piece. The artwork in question was Fresh Air

In 2006, a woman lit matches in a flight to shield her fart scent. That strained an emergency landing

She declared she had ‘a medical condition’ that apparently elaborated flatulence

Saddam Hussein was the writer of a romantic novel familiar as Zabiba and the King.

It was originally published nameless in Iraq in 2000.

In Taiwan, there is a restaurant that serves food on miniature toilets.

Prince William and Prince Charles always travel in different planes in case there is a crash, one requires to survive

Las Vegas casinos have no time clocks

That manner, Users tend to spend more time.

Everyday, 20 banks are steal from. The approximate amount stolen is ₹1,72,100.

Cockroaches were there 120 million years before dinosaurs wandered the planet.

And yes, they survived!

As a kid, Adolf Hitler needed to be a priest.

Didn’t quite work out that manner, did it?

Adolf Hitler also suffered from Ailurophobia, which is a basic fear of cats. Mussolini, Alexander the Great, and Napoleon had the similar phobia.

Global Warming assisted settle a land dispute between Bangladesh and India. The region in question was South Talpatti or New Moore. But the island go to a watery grave because of global warming in 2010.

No land left, no dispute left.


Butterflies were originally called flutter flies.

Once, carrots were in purple color.

Until late in the 16th century, Dutch farmer took mutant strains of the purple carrot and gradually generated them into the plump, sweet, and orange variety we have today.

Millions of crabs roam on the Christmas Islands towards the shore to populate and mate thing.

In the Indian Ocean, there are around 43.2 million crabs on the island.

Charles Darwin ate almost every animal he explored.

Russia has a bigger surface region than Pluto.

However, it has less population than the tiny nation of Bangladesh.

At the age of 19, Sir Isaac Newton, threatened to burn his parents alive.

Two actors have died while taking part in Judas in live Biblical plays by fortuitously hanging themselves for real during the death scene.

For every individual, there are 1.6 million ants in the universe.

However, the weight of all ants get together is almost equal to the weight of all individuals combined.

The world’s sizeable family stays in India. The husband has 94 kids and 39 wives

Ziona Chana has 33 grandchildren, 94 children, and 14-daughters-in-law. They live in a four storey home, 100-room set mingled with the mountains of Baktwang small town in the Mizoram Indian state.

Brad Pitt was blocked from getting into China for his role in the film Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

He was disallowed along with co-actor David Thewlis and Director Jean-Jacques Annaud for drawing the Dalai Lama in positive light.

A guy has planted 7,000 trees to produce a guitar shaped forest as a tribute to his wife

Sadly, Mr Ureta confess he has only ever seen images of the full guitar as a disturbing event in his youth has left him with a terror of flying.

World’s Only Floating Post Office in Dal Lake in Srinagar, India

It is not only known for the most important number of post offices in the globe, but it has its very own floating post office. Rest on a houseboat, it also involves a philately gallery within itself. Quite an unusual fact about country India, don’t you think so?

The only nation India With a Bill of Rights for Cows

From the timeline an Indian’s born, he has two moms. One, his birth mom and two, Gaumata. Cows are faith to be holy in Hinduism, and the structure has a set of guidelines in place that blocks the slaughter and sale of cows. Now don’t you think this a great fact about India.

Shani Shingnapur is the small town where the houses Do not Have Doors!

Attracting over thousand enthusiast every day due to a 300-yr old legend, this tiny city in Maharashtra mark establishments without any locks and doors. Its householder sleep sound way as they faith Lord Shani to be the guardian of the village. Hmm, you all  wonder how they keep the monsoon away.

The wide reaching Number of Vegetarians in the World

Are you a vegetarian? You will placed right in here. With the largest of the population following Hinduism, around 29%-40% of the individuals are vegetarians.

The Highest Cricket Ground in the World

India is a cricket-loving country. It’s only natural for it to also attribute the high up cricket ground in the world set down by the Guinness Book. It is located at a level of 2,144 metres above sealevel in Chail, HP.

India is the Second Biggest English-speaking Nation

Second, only to the USA, India has around 10% of its population easy in English. This statistic is expected to four times as great in the next decade.

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