26 Tips For The Ultimate Bike Trip To Ladakh

18 Tips For The Ultimate Bike Trip To Ladakh


Look up weather forecasts, routes, and road conditions. Select the best time to visit, typically from June to September when roads are quite open.

Arrange Transportation

Arranging for the suitable bike rental or bringing their own motorcycle. Certainly it’s well-maintained for challenging terrain.


Obtain necessary permits for restricted zones like Khardung La Pass, Pangong Lake, and Nubra Valley.

Route Planning

Plan your route, consider acclimatization stops and key destinations like monasteries, Leh, Nubra Valley, and Pangong Lake.

Pack Essentials

Packing light but include essentials like high-altitude medicines, warm clothes, rain gear, water, tool kit, snacks, emergency supplies and spare parts.


Booking accommodations in advance, especially in remote spaces where alternatives might be limited.

Health and Safety

Acclimatize properly, staying hydrated, and watching for symptoms of altitude sickness. Following safety guidelines while riding, including maintaining safe speeds and wearing protective gear.

Emergency Plan

Have an emergency plan in place, including contacts for medical facilities and local authorities.

Enjoy the Ride

Finally, enjoying the unique experiences and breathtaking landscapes that a Leh Ladakh bike trip served while respecting the environment and local culture.

So when you travel by bike you want to consider a lot of items. A suggestion will be to join a certain group which carries an oxygen cylinder, medical kit, medical team, Back up-vehicle, luggage transportation which would support you to ease the trip.

So, without much ado, here are the following stuff that you would be required for the trip:

Medical Kit

1. Moov/Iodex

2. Dettol/ Savlon

3. Headache Medicine

4. Body pain Medicine and Dizziness

5. Aspirin/Disprin

6. Band-aids

7. Medicine to suffice lack of o2

8. imodium (use chk )

9. Diamox ( use chk)

10. Stomach ache medicine

Wearable Items

1. For protection from UV-rays and sun:

2. Goggles

3. Sunscreen Lotion with high SPF(30 or above)

4. Mustard Oil (for apply in nostrils as it could become painful and dry due to dry and Ladakh cold winds)

5. Vaseline/Lip Balm

6. Gloves for bikers

7. Muffler

8. Caps

9. Water/Windproof jacket

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Other necessary stuff

1. Torch with extra cells (NOTE: Lesser power in Leh)

2. Swiss Knife/Knife (if u have any or u need to carry)

3. Water bottle(NOTE: Lots of H20 to be carried)

4. Extra bag for shopping..as Leh served numerous handicraft items… ☺ (dependent on your wish)

Eatable stuff

1. Carry Nuts, chocolates, Glucose and other stuff which u need to carry.

NOTE: Appetite will lessen due to AMS

2. carry pickle as Ladakh meal is dull


Face Wash/Paper Soap

Toothbrush/ Toothpaste

Wet tissue/Dry tissue 

Moisturizer / Comb


Sweaters /Pullovers/Jackets

Woollen socks

t-shirt / Light trouser

Some other important stuff:

Carry your some photocopies and ID-card of it

Medical Insurance(if any)

Map of Ladakh

List of significant contacts on a paper as phone batteries might dry there quick way.

Chargers of the phone

Extra battery

if u have any for the camera as in cold as batteries die quick way.

Carrying enough memory cards for the camera.

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If possible 3 socket Belkin Surge Protector (as there might be few charging points and we all need to charge either our camera batteries and phones)

Carrying enough cash, so that we would not end-up in ATM waste time in front

Hope it supports you & if you seek any support you could contact me on my profile.

If you need to make the trip Hassle free and get the matters done even before you reach our team of Travelling Bee would be obliged to support you.

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At least one legal gov. identity proof – Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Passport or Voter Card.

Driving license.

Inner line permit (multiple copies).

A printout of the itinerary.

Passport-size images.

addresses and Phone numbers of the friends and family on paper.

Medical insurance (if any).

Accessories for Bike:

A spare key for the bike.

A motorcycle tool kit.

Spare fuse and Spark plug.

Accelerator cables, Clutch, and brake.

Spare tubes for both rear and front wheels (in case the bike is not tubeless).

Screwdriver set, puncture repair kit, chain links, and foot pump.

Engine oil (approx. half litter).

Bungee cords and nylon rope.

Petrol pipe to get petrol out of a few other vehicles in case you are running dry.

Headlamp bulb and rechargeable torch.


The weather in Ladakh kept changing so much that one second you would feel cold standing in the shade, and the next second in the sun, you would be warm. Thus, you should pack clothes you could layer – not all must be cotton or woolen.

Other Important Items:

Goody pair of sunglasses.

Lip balm with SPF to protect the lips.

Sunscreen with a higher SPF.

Multiplug extension cords.

leather and Woolen gloves.

Power bank.

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