15 Punjabi YouTube Channel of Entertainment

YouTube is a platform of an entertainment at the same time it’s a career too for some well renowned content creators whom people love watching. If we talk about Punjabi creators then there’s so many of them on YouTube with millions of subscribers as people follow their content and love it too.


Since its inception in 2005 as an online video entertainment platform, YouTube has been introducing us to the top youtubers. It has now evolved into the ideal platform for talented individuals to demonstrate their abilities as content makers and, as a result, earn money and get fame.

Let’s see Top 12 Punjabi Content Creators on YouTube:

1.Manpreet Toor: 1.25Million Subscribers

Manpreet Toor

Manpreet Toor is a choreographer and dancer. Manpreet Toor was born in Malaysia on Wednesday, May 9th, 1990. Manpreet Toor is a Sikhism follower from California, United States of America. Manpreet created her YouTube page when she was 16 years old, but she didn’t start uploading videos until years later. When she did uploaded her dance duet people loved it and she already got famous her dancing moves are very unique and also people appreciate her choreography skills. She has done collaborations with many Punjabi singers as well.

2. The Modern Singhs: 1.28Million

The Modern Singhs

The Modern Singhs is a YouTube channel of a beautiful family of three namely Money, Abbey and their little kid Noah. Money belongs to India now resides in New Zeland and he married to Abbey she belongs to Scotland. People love watching their lifestyle vlogs along with their baby noah. They have huge fanbase on YouTube with Millions of followers and keeps on increasing day by day.

3. SahibNoor Singh: 1.52Million

SahibNoor Singh

Sahibnoor Singh is a well-known Indian YouTuber. He is widely known for his Vlogs and comedy videos. He is a Dehradun inhabitant who was born into a Sikh household.

On October 29, 2015, Sahibnoor uploaded his first video to his YouTube channel, titled “Asking for Phone Number.” On his YouTube account, he not only posts comedic videos, but also videos about social topics. He also has a Vlogging channel called ‘Sahib & Tina Vlogs,’ which was started on September 3, 2018, and has over 143 thousand subscribers.

4. Jaspreet Singh: 1.12Million

Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet Singh’s previous performances have always been well received by his audience, particularly his sense of humour and delivery style. A well-known and accomplished comedian will make you laugh uncontrollably.

Jaspreet Singh is a comedian who has over a million followers on Twitter. One million subscribers is a major milestone in the world of podcasting, and Jaspreet has attained it. Never doubt an engineer’s ability to become a comic. Jaspreet has spent his entire life attempting to make a living through joking. He hails from Amritsar and is now well-known around the world; his narrative is one of success.

5. Jus Reign: 972K Subscribers

Jus Reign

Over the last three years, Jasmeet Singh, a.k.a. Jus Reign, has established himself as one of the most popular sketch comedy YouTube stars. In the form of internet video and stand-up, he specialises in creating web content such as comedy skits, parodies, and re-enactments of everyday life in a Desi family.

“The goal of Jus Reign’s humour is to not only bring a smile to many people’s faces, but to do so in a positive way that supports his rich culture, heritage, and people, reflecting the uniqueness of all Desi’s, Sikh’s, and Punjabi’s as a whole.”

6. Mr. & Mrs. Narula: 1.1Million Subscribers

Mr. & Mrs. Narula

This vlogging channel, which has over a million subscribers, is run by Sam Narula and Reet Narula. The duo began their career on TikTok, a short-video app, and when their popularity grew on the site, they moved to Youtube. People loved their chemistry on YouTube, which helped them gain prominence.

7. Harshdeep Ahuja: 900K Subscribers

Harshdeep Ahuja

Harshdeep Ahuja is an Indian comedian and actor who rose to prominence because to his bizarre Vine content. His YouTube account has almost 900,000 subscribers. In 2015, he worked as an engineer at Hughes IT Company, but in October of that year, he quit and began posting Vines. And the rest is history; he is now a well-known YouTuber with a large following. His videos are really popular.

8. JaanMahal Video: 898K Subscribers

JaanMahal Video

People enjoy watching Punjabi vlogs. However, JaanMahal aka Jasbir Singh Video is more than just a video channel; its creator is also acclaimed for producing some of the best Punjabi films and shorts.

People find his content interesting and he is very close to Million subscribers on YouTube the most liked part of his videos is the Punjabi essence in his Videos.

9. MAVI: 1.06Million Subscribers


Mavi (Harman Deep Singh) is a professional mobile e-sports player who mostly competes in domestic and international e-sports contests. Mavi, who hails from the Punjabi city of Sangrur, has established herself as one of the top mobile gaming gamers in the world. You stream live on YouTube on a regular basis, and you can’t watch the show without wearing headphones and checking for laughing. His sense of humour is the most enjoyable aspect of his life.

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10. Davis Dosanjh: 186K Subscribers

Davis Dosanjh

Davis Dosanjh’s work focuses primarily on “Roasting,” a type of comedy in which a specific object is subjected to jokes. Davis’ art, however, is more than just cracking jokes; in the midst of light humour and hilarious jokes, the creator expresses significant social concerns. It’s encouraging to see someone with a large following make vital contributions to the advancement of society.

11. Being Sardar: 431K Subscribers

Being Sardar

Harsh Jagaraon, as Being Sardar, runs a Punjabi YouTube channel. He is also Punjab’s youngest YouTuber. His Bullet vs. Splendor video has 3.8 million views and is the most popular on his channel.

His content is mostly comedy type but lately he released some covers as well and people loved them too. His lifestyle vlogs with a twists are most liked by his audiences.

12. Sangtar Singh: 86K Subscribers

Sangtar Singh

Apart from humour, Sangtar singh’s videos are also a highly brilliant satire on numerous social issues like as casteism and others. Many of his videos with brown parents and Punjabi songs have gone viral.

People love his dialogues and the way he deliver them his channel growing and he is very close to 100K.

13. GiLL: 143K Subscribers.

Esports were practically unknown in India just a few years ago. However, it is now a significant industry. Arshpreet Singh is an Amritsar-based PUBG mobile player who has also achieved significant success in esports. Audiences are primarily drawn to him by montages of his performances at international and national championships. He has a sizable following of gamers and gaming enthusiasts.

14. BHANGRAlicious: 334K Subscribers


Punjabi YouTube channel with a focus on dancing. Amreen Gill does a fantastic job capturing the beauty of the Bhangra dance form. For Punjabis, bhangra is a feeling. Anyone who can do amazing Bhangra, regardless of where they were born, is a Punjabi. Amreen is an expert at it. The best part is that she crafts training videos in a bhangra style, which is a lot of fun.

15. Birring Productions: 920K Subscribers

While every Punjabi producer is unique and offers exclusive content, Birring Productions stands out the most. His content makes the spectator wonder, “How did he come up with this?” The channel develops animated films primarily using the video game “GTA V,” as well as cover videos of Punjabi songs. His content is one-of-a-kind, and as a result, it has gone popular on social media.

So above mentioned are some of the famous Punjabi YouTube channels of entertainment though the count of them still goes on.

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