Top 13 Destinations for Budget Travel in India

Top 13 Destinations for Budget Travel in India

Alleppey – Eastern Venice

Alleppey - Eastern Venice

Alleppey, Eastern Venice, is famous for its lush countryside, harbors, and rivers. It is the best place to go lazily on a regular boat, sample delicious coconut food, and enjoy one of the cheapest trips to India. Alleppey happens to be one of the best places for low-budget travel in India.

Goa – Land of Beaches

Goa - Land of Beaches

For those looking for a specific budget trip to India, Goa is a hot favorite of all; backpackers are no different. Get rid of its beaches, Portuguese buildings, castles, local markets, and beautiful palm-tree villages. You can even rent a motorcycle and test it yourself! There are many pubs to relax in. This beach paradise is perfect for a budget trip alone in India.

Pondicherry – French city

Pondicherry - French city

Why spend thousands when you can get French information on cheap Indian travel? With low-budget travel from India to Pondicherry, you can find French witchcraft right here in India. Walk along the paved streets during the day and lift your feet to the countless restaurants on the beach in the evening. And yes, don’t forget to try French cuisine here.

Gokarna – The Less Congested Goa

Gokarna - The Less Congested Goa

Want peace in one of the lowest budget places you can visit in India? Then, Om Beach in Gokarna near Mangalore is one of the best places for a 3-day trip. You can try renting boats and local fishermen to take you to the beaches of Gokarna. And if you start to feel uncomfortable, there are plenty of water activities you can go to. And what else? The beaches of Gokarna are still falling apart on a budget trip to India!

Rishikesh – The Capital of Yoga

Rishikesh - The Capital of Yoga

Looking for a cheap solitary trip to India? Look no further than Rishikesh. Exciting white-water-water rafting, beautiful beach camps, and enjoyable rides attract the traveler in you. A trip to Rishikesh leads the charts during a new budget trip to India. You can also visit the amazing Flower Valley from here. Note, that it is a completely vegetarian and non-alcoholic place, but it is worth it!

Darjeeling – The Land of Thunder

Darjeeling - The Land of Thunder

Climbing Darjeeling from New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And what makes it even better is that it is still one of the best budget travel trips in India. Once up in the mountains, just take a breath of fresh air, drink Darjeeling tea, get up in the morning and watch the sunrise over the Tiger hills and get ready to marvel at the magnificent Kanchenjunga. And the best part is, that one can plan a good start to the New Year as Darjeeling is a great escape for those planning a budget trip to India in January.

McLeodganj – The Little Lhasa

McLeodganj - The Little Lhasa

A colorful mountain station, Dharamsala is a mini-Tibet and is one of the best places for budget travel in India. The two towns of Dharamsala and McLeodganj have many monasteries and temples to visit and the views of the hills and valleys are not magical. For those who love travel, be sure to try the Triund trek and camp. Plan the best budget trip to India in January and get to see the snow-capped mountains of the Dhauladar Ranges over the Triund. So, if you are looking for a cheap trip to India, you are sure to rely on Dharamsala and McLeodganj because they are some of the best destinations for a 3-day trip.

Sikkim – The Organic State

Sikkim - The Organic State

Sikkim is one of the most popular and cheap vacation destinations in India. A good escape for those planning their budget trip to India in February, Sikkim serves as the best place for family, friends, and lovers alike. Nothing beats the beautiful weather, the beautiful scenery of the Himalayan mountains, the beautiful scenery, the strong Buddhist culture of Tibet, and the delicious local food. And all of this comes in handy for your budget.

Kanyakumari – Southern Tip

Kanyakumari - Southern Tip

Being the head of state of India itself makes Kanyakumari attractive. The confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean – look, believe it! What to see is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and the amazing views of sunrise and sunset here. This place certainly seems to be one of the best budget travel destinations in South India.

Hampi – The Forgotten Empire

Hampi - The Forgotten Empire

Not too cold, and not too hot, Hampi is a good choice if you are planning a budget trip to India in February. This is a wonderful treat for history lovers and one of the biggest value for money and budget travel in India. Remember also the history of Vijayanagar roaming just like Hampi or maybe perch on the huge rocks found everywhere to explore the world around you.

Nainital – City of Lakes

Nainital - City of Lakes

As a hill station, Nainital is a great budget travel option in India in December. Undoubtedly, one of the highest budget areas in India, Nainital is known for its main attractions – Naini Lake and the beautiful hills around it. In addition, it is also one of the best places to plan a budget trip in India for couples. The rope access to the Snow View to get a dekko in the mighty Himalayas is a must-do activity here.

Lonavala – The ‘Chikki’ Town

Lonavala - The 'Chikki' Town

It would not be better for you to flee to Mumbai sooner. Lots of walking, lots of waterfalls in the tropics, and delicious chocolate fudge and chikki promise a memorable experience. There is an exciting trip to try out the number of castles around Lonavala. Yes, it does not come for free. But it is still one of the best budget travel destinations in India, especially if you are from Mumbai.

Munnar – The Green Hill Town

Munnar - The Green Hill Town

What could be better than the fresh air, the refreshing scent of tea gardens, and the refreshing Munnar hills for those planning an Indian dating tour? Riding in Cochin, in addition to a spectacular drive, you can also enjoy a visit to the Elephant Training Center along the way. Munnar tea gardens are a symbol of this, but one can even try Eravikulam National Park or even another morning trek to the hills of Rajmala.

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