Punjab Traditional Attire

Punjab Traditional Attire: Admiring the Colorful and Intricate Punjabi Dresses

The salwar kameez is a cultural dressing style famous in Southeast Asia, but the term is very broadened and actually applies to a huge range of clothing styles from various nations. A salwar kameez can be pretty comfortable and simple or very decorative and intricate, making various styles suited for anything from work and everyday life to formal weddings and events. The two major parts of the salwar kameez are the tapering pants (the salwar) and the shirt and long tunic (the kameez), but many women do wear out a dupatta as well. While wearing out a salwar kameez is pretty simple and very comfy, selecting the right one based on occasion, material, and color could be slightly more difficult.

Punjab contains one of the richest and the oldest cultures in the nation which is showing in every possible manner. It is enveloped with bright high-spirited colours of humans that could be best expressed through the traditional garbs.

Here is a list of the traditional dresses of Punjab and their importance in their culture.

Phulkari – Floral Heritage of Punjab

Phulkari, which denotes ‘flower craft’ has been nestling in the Punjab culture going back to the 15th century. Its bright colours are embroidered in a way that speaks volumes about their clothing desires and the women. Women of all classes and ages don this dress that reflects life through the different colours entrenched on it. It could be woven on shawls, Lehengas, Kurtas, and Dupattas with eye-catch blends of patterns and is worn on all occasions by the traditional Punjabi women.

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Jutti – The Flamboyant Punjabis Footwear

The Punjabi Jutti and Jutti has been a chunk of the royalty of the Kings for 400 years and is usually embroidered on leather in silver threads and real gold. One of the features of this handcrafted footwear is that it has no left or the righteous side distinction and could be worn on any foot of near choice. Being worn by the women of Punjab, it is the most stylish flat-soled and comfortable footwear worn mostly at festivals and weddings. It brims with extensive and shimmer embroidery that contains the Punjab heritage.

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Patiala Salwar – Furling up Beauty – Traditional Punjabi Dresses

This pleated and baggy trouser has its roots in the Punjab city signifying Patiala and was at first donned by men but later became a chunk of women’s attire as usual. It is usually combined with a chunni and a Kurti for women with a draped pattern at the back. Involving different modern designs, it still kept in touch with the tradition it was attractive much introduced with. It is one of the comfortable and easiest dresses worn by the Punjabi women integrated with style and grace. 

Punjabi Tamba and Kurta - Wikipedia

The Jama – The Flared Up chunk of Cloth

The Jama is a longer piece worn by the men in the Punjabi region during the Mughal timeline. Tight from the torso flare up like the ankle or the knees and skirt, it is worn with a turban on the head to reflect the majestic nature of the kings and royalty. It was normally a dress for the men but was too worn by women with fitting pajamas. Characterised by the long tie and sleeves under the armpits, it permits freedom of movement, making it another Punjab comfy traditional attire.

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Punjabi Ghagra

One of the few traditional dresses that has been modernised is the Punjabi ghagra which is a chunk of a four-chunks outfit originated in Punjab but is now worn in chunks of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. This attire is mostly donned during Giddha, a famous folk dance of Punjab performed by women to twirl around in mesmeric colours while singing folk songs similar to its culture.

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Parandi – The braided accessory

Bedecked with colourful threads and jewellery, Parandi is a hair accessory utilized by the Punjab women. In addition to that, it also suggests love when a bride receives it from her hubby as an affection form. In older times, women wore Parandis to enhance their traditional beauty and make their hair look huger in the simplest manner possible by intricately weaving threads together and try it on their lush and long hair. Parandis come in various colours and sizes and could be adorned with ornaments like tikka, necklaces, golden shimmer and bangles added to the tip of it. It exhibits breeziness of the women of Punjab and is extensively utilized by women all across the nation.

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Kurta Pyjama

The most famous traditional wear of Punjabi men involves Pyjama and Kurta. Kurta is a huge shirt with slashes on both the long sleeves and side. Pyjamas are loose baggy pants tied with a drawstring. However, the kurta could be worn with jeans, lungi, and dhoti.

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