Joyful Journeys: Infusing Fun and Inspiration into Life's Adventures

Joyful Journeys: Infusing Fun and Inspiration into Life’s Adventures

Everyone needs to enjoy life more, and oftentimes the core to enjoyment is joy and inspiration. Having a joyful life is about more than doing sweet little things and having adventures. You don’t always have time for huge moments of fun, so work on embracing the tiny things. Trying to cultivate a mindset that embraces laughter, play, and pleasure in everyday activities. We’ve put together this list of tips for living a much more fun-filled life. Take a look and see which ones you could incorporate into your life!

Seek out laughter in life.

Laughing normally signifies you’re having fun. Watch stand-up comedy, funny movies, or TV shows to get a healthier dose of laughter in life. Checking out memes or funny videos that the buds post on social media. Telling jokes when you’re hanging out with family or friends. You’re certain to feel less happier and stressed if you are laughing and have more joy!

Learning to laugh at yourself.

Sometimes life doesn’t go as funny or planned, unwanted matters occur. Looking for humor in the irony of life and randomness.
• Those who are able to smile at themselves also tend to be more resilient, cheerful, and optimistic.

Enjoy small moments in everyday life.

Joy doesn’t just come from biggie, spectacular events and moments. Permit yourself to have tiny moments of joy in 25- to 15-minute increments throughout a day. Reward yourself with a 10-minute break and enjoy a piece of chocolate after returning an email. Or, watching a funny, 15-minute video after the stressful working meeting. Making time for small breaks to indulge in tiny pleasures.

Be spontaneous into the moment.

Not all fun activities have to be scheduled and planned. Working on being more open to new, unplan experiences to bring unexpected joy into life. Accepting invitations to parties, spur-of-the-moment getaways, and last-minute family gatherings.

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• For example, if a coworker asks you to go jumbo dancing, go. Or, if your cousin wanted you to go mountaineering climbing with her, go!

Making an effort to seek out and try new matters.

This exposes you to awesome fun movement activities that you have never tried before. Looking for any chance to try out something new, no matter how tiny it surfaced. For instance, instead of following the similar exact route to working every day, try going another way, even if it takes a few times longer.

• Do not be scared of getting out of your comfort space. If you’ve always needed to play the drums, go to a class.

Looking for manners to make work fun.

You are likely spending a lot of time at work, so try to enjoy it a bit. Bonding with the co-workers by developing tiny routines that bring fun to the office. Joke with coworkers when it’s right to bring a little laughter into the day. Join the club or office team to make working more social. Anything that supports you looking forward to going to work more is a good way to make life more fun.

• For example, you could bring cookies into work every Tuesday.

• If there are no teams or clubs at the workplace, you can begin a casual book club with some coworkers and discuss the books you read at dinner or after work.

• Decorating the workspace with stuff that makes you happier. For example, putting up family photos or images from a recent vacation in the cubicle.

• If you felt bored at work, take a break and go for a walk. Getting outside could really brighten up the day.

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Switch up the routine.

A tiny change in the routine could expose you to the newest opportunities for fun. Taking various routes to school or work and enjoying the new scenery. Try shopping out for groceries somewhere new or eating dinner at the newest restaurant. Rearranging the room to change matters up. There are all a number of ways you could make your day-to-day life differ to freshen it up and have more fun!

• For example, maybe you are walking down a street you have never been on before and you check out a bar advertising that there’s live music there every Tuesday. All of a sudden, there’s a full newest fun activity you could try out in your life!

Practice mindfulness throughout the day.

Mindfulness taught you to be in and appreciating the present moment. To practice mindfulness, spend 2 minutes in the early sunshine just observing your breathing. Let go of thoughts about the coming day when they pop into the head. Do this at various points in the day to ground yourself in the present moment.

• Aim on the sensations around you — the tastes, sights, smells, and emotions of all the matters you experience throughout your day.

• Apply mindfulness when taking, walking, or driving the train. Putting away electronic devices and paying attention to the moment. Observing the scene. Taking in the smells and sounds. Appreciate how the body feels, and pay attention to the movements.

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