10 Beautiful Places to See in Ooty Tamil Nadu India

10 Beautiful Places to See in Ooty Tamil Nadu India

Situated in the Tamil Nadu, South Indian state, Ooty is one of the most famous hill stations in India that is visited by thousands of tourists and frequented every year. Also signified as Udhagamandalam, it is called the hill station’s Queen. The attractive beauty of the Nilgiris and scenic beauty make it a favored India tourist resort. During the colonial timeline, Ooty was considered as the summer escape for everyone.

The best season to visit this place is during September to November and April to June. It is because of the climatic condition that humans visit this city each year from all around the globe. There are certain tea estates, which are sprawling in all hilly zones. The forested grasslands and mountains make this hill station all the more beautiful. a tourism and Tea festival is held each year that draws in thousands of tourists to this scenic place. Eucalyptus trees are pretty much found in the place.

Ooty has certain cottage industries that contribute to the economy of the hill station. Chocolate, pickles and carpentry are hugely famous. Tea cultivation is done at the slight hill’s low altitude.


Starting the Ooty adventure by visiting Doddabetta Peak, the highest point in Nilgiris. Enjoying spectacular panoramic views of the lush green landscapes and surrounding valleys. Don’t forget to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the sunset or sunrise from its vantage point.


Next, absorb yourself in the Ooty Botanical Gardens serene beauty. Spreaded over 55 acres, these gardens are sweet home to the widened variety of exotic trees, plants, and flowers. Take a leisurely stroll amidst the fragrant blooms and vibrant colors, and marvel at the well-maintained terraced and lawns gardens.


For an awesome experience, I headed to Ooty Lake. Surrounded by lush greenery and eucalyptus trees, this artificial lake serves boating facilities. Enjoying a silent boat ride and soaking in the surroundings serenity. The lake also has a charmed garden and a mini-train ride for kids.

Ooty Tourist Places - 18 Places to Visit in Ooty | Thomas Cook


Discover the heritage and rich history of tea at the Tea Museum in Ooty. Learning about the tea-making procedure, from the tea leaves cultivation to the final product production. Exploring the museum’s exhibits, which involve vintage photographs and tea-processing machinery, depict the Nilgiris tea industry’s evolution.


Experience the raw beauty of nature at this place. Surrounded by dense forests, these flowing waterfalls served a breathtaking sight. Taking a refreshing dip in the simply enjoy or cool waters the surroundings tranquility. Don’t forget to capture the mesmerized beauty of the falls in the camera.


Embarking on a memorable journey aboard a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nilgiri Mountain Railway. This toy train ride takes you through charming villages, stunning landscapes, and lush tea gardens. Enjoying the astonishment at the slow-paced as an engineering marvels ride of the railway track.


Escaping the bustle and hustle of the city and visiting the serene Emerald Lake. Surrounded by dense forests and tea plantations, this tranquil lake serves as an ideal setting for relaxation. Enjoy a picnic by taking a leisurely walk or lakeside along the scenic trails.

Ooty Tourist Places - 18 Places to Visit in Ooty | Thomas Cook


End your three-day itinerary with a visit to the Gov. Rose Garden. Spreaded over 5 hectares, this rose garden is home to thousands of varieties of roses. Admiring the intoxicating fragrance and vibrant colors of the roses as you discover the well-manicured flower beds and lawns.

Plan the trip to Ooty in this timeline and experience the Nilgiris charm like never before.

Mudumalai National Park

The Mudumalai National Park, one of the foremost forest ranges to be declared as the National Park, is situated in the Nilgiri district on the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The park is situated in the Ooty-Mysore route and could be entered from both Mysore and Ooty. The National park was recently declared a Tiger Reserve with a population of 70 tigers.

Kamraj Sagar Lake

This Lake is in the Tamil Nadu, Nilgiris district state in the country as situated at the 10 km distance from the bus stand Ooty. It is a film shooting spot and picnic spot.It is also signified as Sandynalla reservoir.It serves a beautiful view to the eyes. Kamraj Sagar Lake in Ooty and its unique charm also . In fact, lots of visitors loved this place. This Lake is a dam situated in the Ooty suburbs. Surrounded by a huge variety of bush and grasses, it comes as no surprise that numerous good movies have been shot in the neighborhood. Due to the fishing industry here flourishing one, the local food at this higher ranker on the list of places to Ooty visit are sweetened for the eyes and the taste buds too!

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